Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Lies in Advertising

• This is the last change, I swear.

• I’ll make sure you get full credit for your idea.

• The meeting went really, really well.

• The specs are right this time. I called the pub.

• It’s got to go out by noon.

• These changes are from the client.

• We’ll be taking everyone who worked on this to the launch in Tokyo.

• The new insurance plan will offer you better care for less money.

• We’re not officially divorced, but it’s on the way.

• The client wants a totally edgy idea.

• It’s software from home. Yes, I have a license.

• If you have any questions, feel free to contact the IT department.

• There’s no more money.

• Don’t worry about the budget.

• The client loves the idea.

• So many people had input. It’s hard to say whose idea it was.

• We’ve done a ton of research.

• We’re really excited about these concepts.

• I haven’t heard anything about layoffs.

• I’ll be with you in just a minute.

• I stayed up till two working on the layout.

• I’ll have done in an hour.

• I worked ALL weekend.

• Rough layouts are fine.

• The client just wants to see what it looks like.

• The pizza is free.

• We presented the agency’s recommendation to the client.

• It’s just a small change.

• If we do that, the ad will totally fail.

• That looks great!

• We’ll make the changes.

• Your job is safe.

• We’re working on it right now.

• You never mentioned that at the meeting.

• I did not approve that.

• I timed it. The script is exactly 30 seconds long.

• I was checking out the client’s website.


Joker said...

Oh lordy. Those are some of the juicier ones. Here's ten more for ya.

1. We won't push the safe option but we need it there to show that the concept is better.

2. It was hard but thanks to me, we were able to sell the concept.

3. The client saw this and agrees with me that we should change this word.

4. The feedback should be in the pipeline.

5. Of course I revised the due date.

6. We really need this entire campaign done for Monday.

7. I really think you're grasping this account.

8. The client totally trusts in our judgment.

9. I've been up to my eyeballs in work.

10. I haven't left my desk all day.

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious & true! But why do I feel like a lot of the "lying" seems to be coming from the Account side?

Joker said...

For the benefit of our dear jane, some lies from us creatives.

1. We did the changes you suggested and it just doesn't work.

2. I really wish I could squeeze it in, but we're swamped with work down here.

3. Of course I proof read it every time.

4. Sorry I was stuck in traffic.

5. I never got that email.

6. We're working on that artwork right now.

7. You'll have the storyboards ready by 3 PM

8. Your accounts are my highest priority.

9. I'll discuss it with the CD to see if we can work around it.

10. Trust me, I know what the client is looking for ;)

Cheers luv