Monday, May 12, 2008

Coming Attractions

I went to see IRON MAN this weekend. I thought it was pretty good. (I just wish they had used the Sabbath song more. I’m thinking it should have been in every scene. Even when the characters were having quiet discussions, I would have had it playing quietly in the background. And Ozzie should have done a cameo as the President!)

But this is an ad blog, so I guess I’ll have to complain about the pre-movie commercials. First up was your typical “Hey kids, join the military. It’s all about uniforms and teamwork! That stuff you see on the news about casualties is just a bunch of media lies!” spot. This one featured a line of marines stretching from sea to shining sea. All I could think of was that the second they finished filming the spot they sent all those marines to Iraq or Afghanistan. Unless, of course, they were digital clones. In which case, they shipped off the one marine they used as a model.

There was also an Acura spot that featured a cast of good-looking yet vaguely unhappy people roaming around a city at night. The music said they were “cool”, but I’m not buying it. They ended up at some underground club where good-looking woman rocks out by barely nodding her head.

That’s about it, unless you count the LA Times ad. Which I don’t.

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