Friday, October 17, 2008

Joe the Friday

Okay, this is a stretch.

Yesterday, everyone was talking about Joe the Plumber. (“Everyone” may be a slight exaggeration.) To me, Joe the Plumber sounded like a children’s book. Joe the Plumber and the Magical Wrench. Joe the Plumber and the Musical Toilet.

So that got me to thinking. How come our industry doesn’t have its own children’s books? Aren’t we good enough for storytime?

So here are some suggested titles for a line of kid’s books with ad folks as the heroes:

John, the Copywriter Who Couldn’t Spell

Susie the Color Blind Art Director

Doris the AE Who Secretly Wished she Was a Creative

Dennis the CD Who Showed Up At Afternoon Meetings Drunk

Alice the Supply Stealing Freelancer

Dave the Hacker Who Gave Everybody CS3

Mark the Intern Who Gave Half the Office Chlamydia

Paul the Idea Stealing Creative

The Little Idea That Didn’t Go Anywhere.

Lisa’s Big Birthday Party That Had to Be Canceled Because Of a Rush Job

The Big Scary Client Who Turned Out To Be a Coward

Josh the Creative Who Liked To Wear Ties

The Big Scary Conference Room


Nicole said...

The Little Junior Copywriter that Could


M.M. McDermott said...

Ralphie the AE Writes a Half-Assed Brief, and Other Half-Finished Stories

The Sr. Copywriter Mails Another One In

The New Biz Detectives and the Mystery of the Lead that Never Panned Out

The AD and His Acid-Washed Jeans

The Intern Who Cried Too Much

Who's Been Drinking Whiskey in the Layout Room? A Choose Your Own Adventure Book

Joker said...

Suzy Samples Sampled Snoozies: The story of an AE that works the med account and is secretly addicted to codeine.

Lucy's Limp: Tale of how a good creative is stuck with a hack and how they have to crutch their way through every project.

Teddy's Typo: A tale of an insecure copywriter who wets his bed every time he sees a typo he's responsible for.

Muffy Mildred: The Media director that got her job by diving into the muff fields of the lesbian Media VP.

Owie Amy: The bitch that drooled. Tale of a hack AE and how promotions are bestowed upon her by fellating prowess and push up bras.