Sunday, June 22, 2008

And the Whiner is…

The First Annual Creative Beef Cannes Awards

Best Bar:
The Gutter (duh)

Stupidest Made-Up Word:
Creativology & Advergame

Ugliest Lounge Color Scheme:
Take Your Pick

Best Advertising for a Product No One Has Heard of:
HBO Voyeur Campaign

Best Evidence that Drugs are Still a Necessary Part of the Creative Process:

Dutch Young Creatives Bus

Best Cannes Breakfast:
Espresso and a Heineken

Best Outfit That is Supposed to Demonstrate Your Rebellious Nature but Actually Reveals That You are One of the Flock:
Jeans, Blazer, Ironic T-shirt

The Hardest Working People at Cannes (According to their Blogs):
The Judges

Lamest Headline at the Festival:
Big ideas can make anyone feel small.

Best Cyber Ad

Silver-Badgers Badgers Badgers

Bronze-All Your Bases

On the Plus Side:
I thought Gorilla was pretty funny.

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