Monday, June 30, 2008

Mouthwatering Monday

These billboards are all over LA. I feel for the copywriter who has to work on them. I image that he or she has a legal pad filled with lists like this:

Perfectly Plump
Breathtakingly Beautiful
Super Scrumptious
Really Red
Unbelievably Unctuous
Absolutely Appetizing
Judiciously Juicy
Fanatically Flavorsome
Decidedly Delicious
Supposedly Succulent
Famously Firm
Sinisterly Spicy
Terrifyingly Tender
YouBetIts Yeasty
Cautiously Crunchy
Meticulously Moist
Bodaciously Bold


Joker said...

Awesomely Appetizing
Bodaciously Beautiful
Corpulently Cut
Deliriously Delightful
Excruciatingly Excellent
Flabbergastedly Filetable
Gorgeously Grand
Handsomely Heinzed
Indescribably Iridescent
Joyously Jamming
Kinky Kind
Lustfully Lavish
Mouthwatering Mamas
Naughtily Nice
Obviously Orgasmic
Purely Plush
Quiveringly Quenching
Ravishingly Red
Savoringly Stupendous
Tastefully Titillating
Ultra Uplifting
Voluminously Vivacious
Wateringly Wowing
Yummily Yummy (sue me)
Zingy Zest

My head hurts...... :D

Anonymous said...

i don't see any options with the word "heaving" in it. Oh wait, are you NOT suppose to think of boobs when you see those 2 tomatoes?

adhack said...

Hey Joker, I think you and I may have a future in supermarket outdoor.


Joker said...

@jane... add being a pervert to reasons why you're the shit. And though the hooters are obviously there, the challenge was ignoring them.... I do prefer Grapefruit and up though. :D

@hack .... woe to us / that ain't fresh / I'd rather eat tainted tomatoes, but would be funny to see how our blogs would turn to a heavily supermarketed selection.