Friday, September 26, 2008

Advertising perks that aren’t really worth it.

Free Lunches
An hour spent talking shop with your co-workers. Or worse, TWO hours listening to the client talk about the renovations on their beach house.

Office Parties
Free food and free drinks. But you have to pretend that this is your idea of fun. Plus a sexual harassment lawsuit is always a Jager-shot away.

Free Agency T-Shirts
The “Property of CosmoDemonic Creative Department” shirt really looses its appeal after they lay you off.

Free Product
How many tubes of toothpaste do you really need?

Late-night Pizza

Other bloggers have already written about this so I’ll just add one thing. Who’s the fucker who always orders the veggie pizza?

First Class Travel
At the end of a 16 hour shoot, there is very little difference between the 4 Seasons and Motel 6.

Free Internet
The internet is not a “perk.” It’s a necessity.

Free Tickets to Sporting Events
Actually, that’s pretty cool.

Free Tickets to Sporting Events, But You Have to Sit in the Section Where Business People Network.
Oh shit. Shut the fuck up Lance. I can’t concentrate on the game while you’re trying to convince your client to buy six more units of Fleet enemas.


Patrick McCormack said...

It is pretty funny how agencies manufacture so much shit with their names on it. And you'd be hard pressed to see anyone wearing it outside of the office.

The office happy hours and invites to the opening of the newest boutique editing shop in town (see: ANOTHER happy hour) are nice though. If I go on I'll just sound like a lush.

Harry Pujols said...

The sporting events tickets are mostly crap. I mean, who pays to watch a WNBA game anyway?

Joker said...

Wanna laugh? I own 5 agency t-shirts... well it used to be more, but a couple I burned in a tribal ceremony where we exorcised the demonssssss