Thursday, September 25, 2008

We are too big too

Okay, so here is the “bailout” plan summed up for simple people like us. The US government will take $700 billion in taxpayer money and give it to the financial industry to save their sorry asses. They may have made terrible decisions. They may have made really stupid mistakes. They may have committed crimes. But we have to do this because…THEY ARE TOO BIG TO FAIL.

But if you ask me, there is another group that is too big to fail. It’s the advertising industry. Imagine for a second what would happen if we stopped oiling the wheels of capitalism. People wouldn’t know what to buy. They would wander the aisles of supermarkets and malls with no one to guide them. They would be happy with their current cars. They wouldn’t worry about their weight. They would realize that fast-food tastes like shit.

And think about the social outcome. An army of virtually unemployable people would suddenly be out on the streets. With nowhere to go, it wouldn’t be long before they turned to violence or religion.

So here is my bailout plan. Every man, woman and junior art director in advertising will be given $1 million. (Jane, you figure out the Canadian equivalent.) And we will continue to do what we do best, convince people to buy shit they don’t need. Thus securing the future of the capitalist world.

Now if the powers that be are concerned that we are not to be trusted with that kind of cash, let me point out that we have made some terrible decisions (New Coke?) We have made some stupid mistakes (Jerry and Bill spots). And we have committed crimes so heinous, we won’t even confess to them on an anonymous blog,


Anonymous said...

adhack with the way things are going down there ... it's looking like it will be $1.2 CAD million soon ....

akashiko said...

that's right! advertising is shit and makes peoples life hell! good point, finally.

M.M. McDermott said...

Screw the million. I want a golden parachute.

Strike that.

Make it platinum.

Anonymous said...

Yes! finally, some recognition that we run the world and all of its insecurities. we hold the real power bwahahaha (that was an evil laugh if you didnt catch on...) now where's my million?

Joker said...

If a marketing rep gives me ten one hundred grand candybars there will be hell to pay.