Friday, August 22, 2008

10 cool things to say Friday at 5

“Take it sleazy.”

“One more week in hell.”

“Fuck it. We’ll finish next week.”

“Think the client is gonna spend the weekend in their mansion or on their yacht?”

“60 hours with no fucking changes!”

“See you Monday, dickweeds.”

“Hey, I made it through another week without snapping!”

“I started drinking at lunch.”

“I’ll be unreachable.”

“This weekend, I’m totally gonna finish my portfolio.”

And 1 very uncool thing

“I’ll see you tomorrow.”


Stan Lee said...

No matter how many dumb changes our annoying clients get our stupid suits to make us do as quickly as possible before we head off home advertising still beats having a real job.

adhack said...

How true.

Maria said...

Friday is my favorite day because this is the time for hang out,sometimes I buy Tuxedo for my dad.