Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Beijing Blues

I am getting sick and tried of all these “exposés” about the Beijing Olympics. The day after the Opening Ceremonies, the internet was ablaze with reports that, OMG! some of the fireworks were digitally added. Then we got to see photos of the Blue Screen of Death making a cameo appearance on the Bird’s Nest’s giant projection screen. Now I’m reading reports that the cute, little nine-year-old girl who sang the National Anthem was actually lip-syncing!

Hey guess what people, you’re watching a television show! It has been shot and edited and tweaked to make the Olympics look like the most unbefuckingleaveable spectacle on Earth. Sorry if the broadcast was not “real.”

I though it was pretty cool myself. Not even the shots of Bush looking at his watch could ruin the show.

Hey, if you’re looking for reality on television, you can always tune into Big Brother or Chris Angel’s Magical Bullshit Hour.


Harry Pujols said...

The most disturbing exposé was that the South African delegation wore Crocs on their introduction. Disturbing.

Stefan said...

It would be one thing if the girl was lip synching to something she had recorded earlier. It's another thing that they had one girl singing and another "more attractive" girl on TV. It seems somehow un-Olympic.

shaun. said...

personally, i commend china on how honest they were after being caught.

"she simply was not cute enough to be on tv."

i respect their gangsta.