Friday, August 15, 2008

The 5 Mysteries

Where do clients come from?
I mean seriously, who are these people? They seem to have been born with no skills. They know nothing about marketing. They know nothing about the industry they work in. They have NO people skills. And yet, they have managed to climb the corporate ladder and wedge themselves into a position of power.

Why are Big Dumb Agency Creative Directors so cocky?
Everyone from the guys in the mailroom to the account sup knows that the work is crap. So why does the CD walk around like he’s some sort of Advertising God? He spouts wisdom he learned at Art Center. He uses phrases like edgy and outside-the-box. He kills idea after idea, because they’re not “cool” enough. And in the end, the final product is another piece of corporate shit.

What happened to my concept?
Last night we all agreed that my concept was in the presentation. We all left the office at the same time. Now at 8am, we’re sitting in the client’s reception area, and I find out that my idea has been killed or significantly changed. When the fuck did that happen? Are people having secret meetings at 3 in the morning?

Who is that guy?
He shows up at 11 and always leaves by 4. He wears sunglasses in the office and drives a brand new BMW. He has lots of meetings with the uppers behind closed doors. But he never seems to do any actual work. Who is that guy?

Who’s the mole?
The competition sees your layouts before the creative director does. When you advertise a sale price of $47.99, the competition offers $46.99. If you are “sharing” the business with another agency, they seem to have an almost supernatural knowledge about your ideas. Who is leaking all your agency’s secrets to the outside world? And is there money involved? And can I have some?

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