Thursday, August 14, 2008

What type of agency do you work at?

The Hot Shop

If you are a creative, congratulations. You have reached the Promised Land. Here great ideas are actually rewarded. Your agency’s out-of-the-box reputation means that your client list is filled with companies that never question your creative decisions. Budgets? Nah. Deadlines? Ha! All the normal barriers to good work have been eliminated.

The hours are long and the pay sucks, but who cares? After a few years you’ll have won so many awards that you can get a cushy job at a BDA back east. Then you can sit on your ass until retirement.

For account people, the scene is not so rosy. The usual pecking order has been turned on its head. Here, you are the second-class citizen, and the lunatics are definitely in charge.

Typical Hot Shop Names:
(Basically anything that doesn’t sound like an ad agency)
Exterior Design
Man on the Moon
Aunt Grady’s Old Fashioned Jam Shoppe

Typical Clients:
Automobile Company
Fast Food

Things you might hear in the hallway:
“And the Rolling Stones are doing the music.”
“Hey, do you have that copy of Archive with all my ads in it? No the other one.”
“Lee says we should do something like the Energizer Bunny.”

Sushi (Duh.)

Corporate Philosophy:
If it ain’t broke, break it!

Dress Code:
Volcom! Volcom! Volcom! And sandals.

Career Strategy:
Win awards. Abuse AEs. Go to Cannes.

You just turned 30!

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