Friday, August 1, 2008

Friday Lists

5 things you don’t want to hear on Friday:

We’ll have the brief Monday, but think about it over the weekend.

The new head of marketing starts next week.

Human resources wants to see you Monday morning.

The Creative Director missed his flight. He’ll be coming back tomorrow.

Enjoy yourself, ‘cause next week is going to suck.

3 Vista strategies even more insulting than the one they’re using:

Everyone in the world is wrong about Vista. Except us.

Every time you insult Vista, the terrorists win.

I’m a PC, you’re a fucking idiot.

3 reasons why the Apple 1984 commercial is bad advertising:

They only ran it once.

What’s with the track suit?

Do geeks even watch the Superbowl?

5 warning signs:

Key card stops working.

“You didn’t get he email? I guess I forgot to put you on the list”

“They would never fire you.”

“Can you show Steve where you keep all your files?”

Email account is canceled.


Joker said...

A couple more things you don't want to hear on Friday:

• What are you doing tomorrow?
• The client called... we have a problem.
• The presentation got moved to Monday AM.
• The CEO wants to check all the material before we leave for the weekend.

Extra Vista Strategy to piss me off further:

• Bubbles the chimp here loves Vista. SO SHOULD YOU!!!

Extra reason why Apple commercial is shit:

• You can smell the ego.

Extra batch of warning signs.

• Where was your parking?
• We're going to be moving your desk to the basement.
• - ring - Hello? No, this isn't the new guy.
• On the 12th of a month... -ring- hi, this is bob from accounting, can you come up a second?

Anonymous said...

The "show xx your files" is CLASSIC! which is why you should never have any files ....

my addition:

"Oh your getting ready to leave already ....?"