Thursday, July 31, 2008

Science Fair

Scientists at the Lawrence Physics Lab in Trenton NJ have made a major breakthrough regarding the nature of time. Through a combination of experiments and mathematics, they have proven the existence of Client Time.

Dr. Adam Hackle explains. “It was a mystery for years. A copywriter would create a thirty second radio script and send it to the client for approval. Amazingly, the client would send the script back demanding that five additional copy points be added. How is that possible? You can only put thirty seconds worth of material in a thirty second spot.”

Hackle goes on to tell how some copywriters even started to believe that the clients were unsure about how radio spots worked. “It is unbelievable. How could a client who had been in advertising for years would have no idea how to time-out a script? There had to be another answer.”

The answer is Client Time. Utilizing the 5th and 6th dimensions, it is possible to put more than thirty seconds of information in a thirty second spot. In fact, since the number of dimensions is infinite, you could theoretically put in an unlimited amount of copy. Hackle imagines that one day in the not too distant future, each product would only need one radio spot. “With C Time you can cover everything. Branding, multiple strategies, even price offers and phone numbers can all fit in a single thirty second radio ad.”

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