Friday, July 25, 2008

Microsoft plays hardball

Microsoft is on the offensive. Apparently, they are sick and tired of Apple taking shots at Vista and have decided to roll out a $300,000,000 campaign to support their struggling OS.

According to zdnet, the first ads were shown at a Microsoft employee’s-only meeting last week and received rave reviews.

So what is the message? Is Microsoft going to apologize? Are they going to admit their mistakes? Will they hand out free software to early adaptors? Is Bill Gates going to visit every office in America and show us how to install device drivers?

Apparently not.

Zdnet posted a teaser ad pulled from Microsoft’s site that may give us a hint about the new campaign’s message. Here it is:

There you have it kids. Vista doesn’t suck. It wasn’t released too early. Microsoft wasn’t slow to respond to customer complaints. The only problem is that we are too fucking stupid. That’s right. If you don’t believe that Vista is the best operating system on the planate, then you are as dumb as the people who thought the Earth was flat.

I love it when ads insult me. Really makes me want to rush to the mall and buy their shit.


1Letterman said...

I agree. Being told over and over again how a piece of junk is really the most revolutionary thing in the world hardly makes me complain when Bill Gates wants to have it fused to the spine of every newborn child.

As part of society's heavy toll to pay for the wonders the Windows system has bestowed on us.

Joker said...

ok. Seriously. apart from a wider variety of downloadable porn, what other edge could PC possibly have over Mac? and please don't say cost because with a system that's so annoying you can hardly send an effective command on the fucker, the price for psychological treatment and reach arounds, it evens out.