Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What type of agency do you work at?

Episode 2: The Interactive Agency

Welcome to the wild west of the advertising world. Here the only rule is that there are no rules. You can try anything you like as long as it’s new and innovative. In this agency, the 30-second commercial and the magazine print ad are dead. Radio? Please. It it’s not interactive or viral or both, it’s old-school crap.

The staff is young, very young. Which means lots of drugs and alcohol and lots of sex partners. On the downside, salaries are low, because when your fondest dream is Coldplay tickets, you really don’t need six-figures.

It may seem like you could work here forever. But the truth is, your days are numbered. Everyone grows up. And before too long, you’ll be eyeing the comfort and paycheck of a more traditional agency.

Make Your Own Interactive Agency Name
(Choose a word from each column)


Typical Clients:
Beer (interactive only)
Automotive (interactive only)
Agency Website (revised on a daily basis)

Things you might hear in the hallway:
Dude, they think Banner Ads are cutting-edge!
I spent all day searching through the FLA file. But the bug was in the XML.
Did you TiVo Bleach last night?
The guild is meeting at 6.

Mountain Dew, Cheetos and two hours of WOW.

Magazines in the Reception Area:
Dude, no dead tree media here!

Corporate Philosophy:
Go for it!

Career Strategy:
Stay current or die.

Big agency is thinking of making you their interactive division.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ... adhack you crap me up. I can not wait for the next one.

shaun. said...

these are good.

jane...that sound like a situation you need to handle.