Monday, July 7, 2008

Welcome Back

Like many of you, I spent a good portion of the weekend in my local supermarket. The beer prices were great, but it did start me thinking. Why do we only have huge beer sales on holidays? I mean, most of us are already happy because of the day off. What we really need are cheap 18-packs on days when we are in really shitty moods.

For example:

• You’re presenting a bunch of television ideas. Without any prior warning your Creative Director announces that he/she is looking into buying the rights to a song that would be perfect.

• After spending the whole weekend working on some great creative, the AE tells you that the meeting has been put on hold…indefinitely.

• Your killer idea is thrown out of the presentation so that your boss can “have something in the mix.”

• The spot you checked so carefully checked makes it on the air with a huge typo. And the client was the one who noticed it.

• Creative Director/client rejects all your kick-ass ideas. But he/she falls in love with the crappy one you stuck in there just so you’d have 10 concepts.

• You’ve been chosen to design a project that involves a lot of work and almost no reward, like the agency website, Christmas card or T-shirt.

• The agency you left six months ago just landed a hot new account. The “hot shop” you are currently at just asked everyone to take a “voluntary” pay cut.

• Any time you fill up your gas tank.

• Monday morning after a 3-day weekend.


Anonymous said...

ad hack you have just summarized my monday. thank you.

ps. it is also official I have a crush on you.

Joker said...


• Any time an AE starts a sentence with: "Ok don't get mad at me but..."

• Getting free tickets for something and then getting told you are not only working late that night, but the whole weekend.

• Any time your CD has an epiphany.

@Jane: So how exactly would you fit hack into your brand timeline? :)