Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Microsoft Vista: Round 2

The second volley in Microsoft Vista campaign has been fired. It’s a series of online videos called The Mojave Experiment.

The idea is to let a bunch of ordinary citizens try out Mojave, Microsoft’s new OS. But guess what? It’s not really a new OS! It’s really just Vista! So all these people are raving about good old Vista! Ha!

Sound Familiar? It should. It’s the Foldger’s Crystals commercial! (“We’ve secretly replaced their coffee with Foldgers”) So they get zero points for originality. And they are still saying it’s our fault! Vista was fine. Vista is love. The only problem was our stupid misconceptions. Thanks a lot Microsoft.

And this is supposed to be top of the line advertising. You’ve got one of the largest companies in the world, a major ad agency and (I assume) and army of creative ‘gods” and this is the best you can do? An insulting strategy stuck on the an old coffee commercial?

I weep for the future.

Note: Adhack is a NOT a Mac fanboy. He has been a satisfied Windows users for many years.


Joker said...

if they were smart, they'd do a Return of XP feature.

Joshua said...

First thing they should've said at the initial strategy meeting:

"Do you think you guys could try and make it not suck so much?"