Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What type of agency do you work at?

The Startup

Tired of working for some asshole in a good suit? Why not start your own agency and be your own boss? All you need is a cool name, a couple of partners and a starter account. Your first account can be a local business or a relative’s company. (You might even steal a client from your previous employer. Hey, they’d do it to you.)

You can expect long hours and low pay. But if you manage to land more clients, the rewards can be phenomenal. With a little luck, in just few years you could be that asshole in the good suit.

Typical Agency Names
Marc and Steve’s Ad Agency
Yucaipa Marketing
GACWM (Global Advertising Concepts and Worldwide Marketing)

Typical Clients:
Your Buddy’s Sports Bar
Local Coffee Shop
Parent’s Law Firm

Suggested Office Locations:
Office in the “bad” part of town.
Mall (Between Hot Topic and Spencer’s Gifts)
Mom and Dad’s Basement

Things you might hear in the hallway:
Dude, should we pay the power bill or the phone bill?
Mom, can we have some more meatloaf!
At least were not working for xxxx anymore!

Mac & Cheese
Top Ramen

Corporate Philosophy:

Sink or swim.

Career Strategy:
Don’t burn any bridges.

Rent’s due!

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