Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What type of agency do you work at?

The European Agency

Bienvenue! Welcome to the birthplace of Western Civilization. To honor the artistic giants who came before you, you create toothpaste ads featuring bare breasts and really, really creepy Sony PS3 commercials.

Creatives and suits alike get to enjoy six (!) weeks of paid vacation, free medical care, and crippling taxes. A few years ago, getting paid in euros was a joke, but today you can pay for a night at the New York Four Seasons with pocket change.

Your isolation from the puritanical United States means that your ads can feature subjects that are strictly verboten in the US. You can show penises. Get an endorsement from Jesus. Even make fun of the United States!

Typical Agency Names

Typical Clients:
Sony PS3
Hans Brinker Budget Hotel
American Cigarette Company

Things you might hear in the hallway:
Domme Amerikanen
(Stupid Americans)

Wir sollten ein Mädchen oben ohne in der Anzeige.
(I think we should put a topless girl in the ad.)

Ces publicités sont PS3 commencent à freak me out.
(Those PS3 commercials are starting to freak me out.)

Germany: Sausages
Italy: Spaghetti
France: Snails

Dress Code:
Black, long-sleeved t-shirt.

Corporate Philosophy:
Que Sera, Sera

Career Strategy:
Keep an eye on the Germans.

You’ve been transferred to the states!

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