Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The City of Love

Know Your Target

Starting today, San Francisco (or The City as they insist we call it) is playing host to the Romance Writers of America Conference.

(Pause for snickers)

I know what you’re thinking. Romance books are lame. They’re just a bunch of stories about English women getting their bras ripped off by pirates. No intelligent person would ever read that crap.

Well if you’re done making comments, I’d like to point out a few facts about romance fiction:

• Approximately 8,090 romance titles were released in 2007.

• Romance fiction is the biggest fiction category in 2007.

• Of those who read books in 2007, one in five read romance novels.

• Romance fiction generated $1.375 billion in sales in 2007. (Science fiction/fantasy: $700 million)
(Source: RWA)

Romance Fiction is big business. It appeals to teenage girls, working mothers and seven-figure executives. Riffle through the desks of your coworkers, and you'll probably find a few paperbacks right in your office.

As advertisers, we really can’t afford to ignore such a popular media category. So if you plan to advertise to the female market at any point in your career, I suggest you check it out. There are numerous sub-genres, from chick-lit to paranormal. And if you think romance is just about men putting their “mighty swords” into a damsel’s “red rose” you might want to try women’s erotica. The only hardcore porn you’ll find at Borders.

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Joker said...

you have obviously not seen the sex section at Borders. Just look around and you'll see what you're missing out. Fun that I can read about how to paint green doors across from where I can find Behind the Green Door the book. Seriously, I've seen things at Borders that make me wish I had that damn store when I was a teen.

And though I'm working on a fiction book, I want to write in most genres, yes including romance and erotica. We'll see how that goes.