Monday, August 25, 2008

The end

Now that the Beijing Olympics are over, I want to say a few thanks yous:

Thank you Beijing for the wonderful and slightly terrifying open ceremonies.

Thank you NBC for letting us know that Heroes is back, again and again and again.

Thank you Visa for your inspiring commercials staring Morgan Freeman. American may not be ready for an African-American Presidents. But when it comes to Voice-Over…

Thank you Lenovo commercials for reminding us that just because an ad is weird doesn’t mean that it will sell.

Thank you Kinesio athletic tape. You were a mystery that turned into product placement.

Thank you gymnastics for showing us that it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, as long as your birth certificate is in order.

And finally:

Thank you Kerri Walsh for showing us the true Olympic spirit and the finest butt in all of Beijing.


Alex Chesbro said...

kerri walsh is ass-less. It's misty may who's got the ass.

Ad Kid said...

i'm not sure even a great ad would sell too many lenovos. all my friends who have one absolutely hate it.

1Letterman said...
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