Monday, August 18, 2008

One should always endeavor to avoid the more complex solution and strive for the ideas that posses a high level of simplicity. (i.e. Keep it simple)

The next time you come up with a concept that cannot be explained in less than one sentence, read this:

"There is a master key to success…with which no man can fail. Its name is Simplicity. Simplicity, I mean, in the sense of reducing to the simplest possible terms every problem that besets us. That almost any man can succeed, if only he will simplify everything in his life to the nth degree, has been my working theory for 40 years. As a very young man, I stumbled across this great fundamental truth; that anything which is complicated is wrong. Simplicity rules everything worthwhile…When ever I have met a business proposition, which after taking though, I could not reduce to simplicity, I have left it alone."

-Hubert Eaton

What was Hubert Eaton’s simple idea? In 1917, he acquired a creepy old cemetery in a mortgage foreclosure deal. While surveying the site, he suddenly had a vision. He would create a cemetery that was about hope instead of defeat. It would be a beautiful place that families would enjoy visiting. The result was Forrest Lawn, California, one of the most famous (and successful) cemeteries in the world.


1Letterman said...

Forest Lawn is, indeed, successful--even to this day.

I understand that people are still dying to get in.

I'm...sorry. I just had to.

Andrea said...

It's always best to look be positive about life (or death). Like, the previous comment isn't tired; it's just so old it brought me back to childhood.