Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Olympics so far

Coca-cola is F-ing Everywhere.
We can’t agree on religion, politics or language. But when it comes to soft-drinks, we are one!

Less is More.
Women’s Beach Volleyball-Greatest sport ever!

Lenovo Commercials
“I’m sorry” Trolls, an army of sumo wrestlers, and a castaway. But the big question is, “What the fuck is Lenovo?”

NBC Promos
Did you hear that Heroes is coming back? That’s right, Heroes is back. And it’s good again! People who say the season premier said it’s good again. Did we mention that Heroes is coming back?

Weird Sports
Handball-“Hey, let’s combine soccer and basketball and call it a sport!”
Trampoline-What’s next? Jungle Gym?
Beach Volleyball-Just wanted to mention it again.

He’s a god! A phenom! He is love!

Interviewing Athletes Seconds After the Event

American-centric Coverage
(For US viewers only)
We get the entire backstory about an American athlete who comes in 8th. And all we learn about the winner is their lane number.

That Weird Colored Tape
Why do I have a feeling that this stuff will be all over LA in a week?

Bob Costas
He seems to be developing Chick Hern hair


shaun. said...

its probably just me....

but that trampoline competition made me really nervous.

And coke is the new universal language, indeed.

"This is Buuuuudweeiiiseerrr....."

Dan said...

Beach volleyball, for sure, until you see the twins that Brazil is rolling out in Synchronized Swimming

Coke, of course, and let's not forget www.redeeemteamwork.com